God Has A Plan-The Plan May Not Be What We Expected

When we started this venture, I imagined I would be making wood signs with the standard phrases like “But first coffee” or “Welcome”. Not saying those are not great sayings on wood signs but my vision took a different turn.

The very first sign I made has the entire bible verse of Psalm 23. My husband really wanted to create something special for his mother and this bible verse is her favorite. So we took what few materials we had which was one type of wood, one color of stain, and one color of paint and created our first wooden sign. She loved it! She actually teared up when my husband handed it to her. She has it displayed right in her living room so when my brother-in-law saw it he thought she had bought it at a department store.

Long story, short…this Psalm 23 wood sign has had the most views and orders to date then any other sign I have made. Going back to God has a plan…After I made that first wood sign, I made others that were not nearly as popular as that first sign. This made me realize that maybe I need to go in that direction. My customers seem to love bible scriptures and I do too. They are inspirational and motivated for people of faith and who doesn’t like feeling inspired. I hope to continue on God’s path and follow His plan and I hope you do too!

Uresti Family WoodWorks

Psalm 118:24 “This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Our First wood sign.

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