Why I Started This Blog

Why I Started This Blog

Blogging has been quite a journey so far. I haven’t even been doing it for that long, but so far I have learned so much. The main reason I started blogging was to generate traffic to my website and my facebook page. I needed something more to relate to my customers and provide them with interesting content. I realize that I may not be going about this the right way. My customers and supporters may not have an interest in the content I have been providing thus far and I apologize. From now on I will only be writing about DIYs, tips on making wood signs, and maybe some home decor and improvements.

Future Changes

I still definitely want to write about other topics that I have a passion for such as parenting, fashion, food, health, and tech but I have decided to start seperate blogs for this content. If you are interested in those topics check out my lifestyle blog called Jens Life and Style.

Jens Life and Style will include content on a motivated lifestyle, health & fitness, and healthy living. I just might mix in a bit of beauty content.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

I am just starting my blogging journey too. I have learned so much though through researching and other bloggers. Here are 3 tips for anyone reading this.

1. Just write. Start writing no matter what is holding you back. If you really want to be successful and build a network of followers write with a purpose and write about things that interest you and would interest others.

2. Join blogging groups. I have joined a few blogging groups on Facebook and I have learned so much just by reading their comments. Also, there are posts that allow you to link your blog and get great and positive feedback. Feedback is good so you know what to make improvements on.

3. Don’t make the mistake I made. Find a niche. Stick to one topic that the name of your blog represents. It’s all about your audience. Who is reading? Am I writing content that will keep them coming back? That is the ultimate goal right?

Again I hope you stick around for the changes. Thanks for being so wonderful. Enjoy your day!




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